Our products are guaranteed for 5 years

The purchase date will be evidence

Against any production fault and one year against surface and gasket / washer damaged.

The guarantee can only be applied when the following prerequisites are met:

The purchased date should be proved

The client asking for guarantee should be describe thoroughly the defect he is facing.

Our liability is restricted to the parts of the products recognized as being defective but never implies and manpower costs, any other costed, and / or the replacements of the product.

Our Liability cannot be claimed in the following causes:

Installation and use conditions inappropriate or unsuitable.

Use of unsuitable cleaning products (Corrosive, abrasive, solvents, acids, etc…)

Any damage due to the presence of foreign bodies conveyed by water (Sand, Chip, etc...) or due to too high water temperature.

Damage due to the freezing of the water within the product.

Damage due to lack of proper maintenance, or lack of care causing heavy deposits, damages or breakage, etc…

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