IBERGRIF GRIFERIAS, it is located in Barcelona (Spain) manufacture and sale of bathroom faucets, kitchen, bathroom and spa accessories company. We have our own production facilities, more than 80000 meters, the high technology manufacturing and professional team, all this allows us to make all the necessary process in our own integrated manufacturing equipment.

Our capacity and we wholeheartedly for the research and development, make our products are of high quality. We have a wide range of quality control department, in order to have the necessary certification at national and international levels.

Recognize and for our customers, brand IBERGRIF combined with modern design, high quality and competitive price.



Ibergrif Griferias,S.L
C/EI Pia37,Nave 14,P.I.DelPIa,Molins De Rei,08750(Barcelona)ESPANA Tel:(34)935168400   Technical Support: Weizhi Software